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Hello Sweet Supporters,

Reflection: a water story is having its first major expedition! Emmett and I are hours away from leaving for the desert to immerse ourselves in the real “juice” of this film project: a 3 week pilgrimage and walking prayer for water. This walk is part 2 of a 3-year journey following one of LA’s major sources of water from its source in the Eastern Sierras, to its piped destination in the city. We will walk over 200 miles as a diverse community of activists, policy makers, indigenous peoples, water visionaries, and community organizers, all committed to deepening our relationship with water. We are curious, open, and excited to see what will emerge in this mystery. We are asked to flow like water... taking the path of least resistance and surrendering into what is here now.

In this “now,” we are packing! Testing our gear, gathering final supplies, airing out tents, etc. Grounding into these logistics is very soothing, as each item that we choose should be essential - the bare minimum to meet our needs for the coming weeks.

Thank you for being with us as we enter this new chapter! We are literally carrying your support on our backs, and we are filled with gratitude. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the journey; it is our intention to keep you in the loop!


Cailey and Emmett!

The Pull of Water: a daily pilgrimage:

As I prepare for this 3 week pilgrimage in honor of water, I have gravitated towards the coast of Northern California. Walking along the cliffs overlooking the ocean, I see many pilgrims. An elder couple emerges from their home, hand in hand, as their footsteps disappear behind them. A traveler stops at an overlook and feels the waves crash in hypnosis. A pelican catches a fish.

We are a community of pilgrims, drawn to the life of water. Whether it be a daily walk, a family beach trip, or a 3 week voyage in the desert, we are all pulled to witness the magic. Can you feel the pull?

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