a walk with water

- help us through the finish line -

Hi friends, thank you for making your way here. It’s great to feel the continued support in completing and releasing ‘Reflection: a walk with water.’ Making this film over the last 5 years has become a powerful dedication to water.


We're hitting a crescendo now with a number of exciting developments taking place. Here are a few examples: 


·We’ve been offered a slot at an A-list Festival in June 2021! (can't say which one yet)

·We’re in conversation with one of the top sales agencies in the industry

·We’re working with Quincy Jones Productions and a team of Grammy-winning artists including Jacob Collier and Justin Kaughlin on the score to the film

·We have an unbelievable team of illustrators and animators on board

The potential to reach vast audiences is more alive than ever. This is significant because the more folks we touch and uplift with the film, the more leverage we have to transform the world's broken systems. The underlying belief here is that if we push dominant world-views towards ones that are more life-affirming, we can change our culture and the systems it produces. This is the role 'Reflection' is endeavoring to play. 


We need your support for some crucial steps ahead. To world-premiere the film in June we have an immense amount of work ahead. And we need money to fund it all. Simply put: we need help. Here's a glimpse into what has to happen in the next three months (some of these are already under way though not fully funded):






-Festival Submissions


-Impact Strategy

-Stock + Archival Footage

-Legal Fees

-Premiere Event Costs


All told, these costs add up to an additional $75k. We need at least 30k of this by the end of March. 


Here are the ways to give: If you’re moved to contribute after reading and watching the content presented here, THANK YOU. A gift of any amount is truly helpful right now. There are two methods for giving: direct, or through our fiscal sponsor for a tax deduction. 


- DIRECT: You can send money directly to the film through the PayPal link at the top of the page, or through Venmo at reflectionfilmllc.

- TAX DEDUCTION: If you would like your donation to be tax deductible, donate at the bottom of this page. This will send your money through our fiscal sponsor, The Social Good Fund, and you will receive an email receipt to use for tax purposes. Please note that Social Good Fund will take 6.5% of your donation.


Thank you. I’m deeply thankful for the evolving and expanding community behind this project. Your contributions are meaningful and important. You have my love and brightest blessings. 


Emmett Brennan

Director, Reflection Film

Tax Deductible Donations - 6.5% Goes to Fiscal Sponsor

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