About the Film

REFLECTION is an introspective journey that follows the experience of two filmmakers as they come of age and learn about love in an era of climate change. Their journey centers around an exploration of water and how our relationship to it as a culture has impacted the climate so dramatically. They set out to find solutions and wind up discovering so much more.

‘The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land.’

-Luna Leopold


If the health of our waters is any indication of how well we live on the land, then perhaps it's time we reexamine our role as humans on this planet. There’s trouble in the waters...

Much of modernity is built upon a Great Forgetting: we've lost touch with the interdependence of water and life. Defaulting to models of aggressive extraction for our own short sighted benefit, we have systematically destroyed the capacity for many of the Earth’s ecosystems to capture, store, and manage water; human practices have created a major break in the water cycle and devastation is occurring as a result: nation-wide droughts, famines, floods, wars, extinctions, pollution, disease, and on and on.

‘When the well's dry, we know the worth of water.’ 

-Benjamin Franklin

What does it look like to embrace our role as stewards of this planet? How do we design cities, homes, agricultural systems, and cultural narratives that are in alignment with the water cycle?